Another little man and this one was such a good sleeper. Tate arrived just before Christmas and what a lovely gift for his parents. I loved his hairy little shoulders and he even flashed me a couple of smiles- he must have liked me… Enjoy! Elise xo. 

Some people say that newborn babies all look the same. I really don’t believe that. They each have their own unique features. Toby’s features were particularly like his Daddy’s mind you. He also had very long fingers and lovely long feet which I just adored. I was lucky enough to photograph his parent’s wedding- Daniel […]

Little Lilly was an absolute cutie. I have had a serious run of little boys lately and have been dying to use some girlie props I had in my collection. There was two parts to this shoot- one indoor session which was taken when Lilly was 8 days old and then I did my first […]

When Lucas’s Mum Irene left work to go on maternity her lovely work collegues got her a Gift Voucher as a farewell gift. Little did she know that this is what it would lead to… images she would treasure of her little one forever. How cute is Lucas? This is one of the first newborn shoots I […]

Here is something I have been dying to blog but only just getting around to it now. It is the crazy season after all! About a month ago I attended a 2 day workshop run by those amazing girls from Baby As Art. I have been following their work for many years now and when […]

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