Andrew & Bonnie’s Daylesford wedding {Sunshine Coast Photographer}

Andrew and Bonnie were married at the gorgeous Lake House Daylesford on a very warm summer’s day. I think it reached 39c! You wouldn’t know it by how happy everyone at the wedding was. The bride and groom, their bridal party and guests were all a delight to be around. There was lots of champagne on hand too, of course.

In the lead up to the wedding, Bonnie and Andrew suggested that we plan to have a moment before the ceremony when the two of them would get to be together but not see each other. I thought this sounded like a great idea and I love a challenge. I scouted out a little location that I thought could work and we made it happen. The series of images captured during this time still make my heart flutter and my eyes fill with water. Bonnie was extra nervous before the ceremony and this time with Andrew really helped her nerves. It was magical to witness and capture through my blurred teary eyes. What a big softie.

The ceremony was held by silver birch trees along iconic Lake Daylesford. It was intimate, emotional and beautiful. There was laughter and there was tears. Bonnie is a  primary school teacher and I just adored it when her students came up to congratulate her.

We then went out and about around lovely Daylesford for some more photos just before we got a little rained on and Bonnie had a dance in it. What else do you do when it’s 39c??

One of the most magical parts of the day was yet to come.

Bonnie had informed me of a HUGE secret that her and some guests had kept from Andrew. They had been planning a practising a FLASH MOB dance to take place. It was planned for straight after Bonnie & Andrew completely their first dance at the reception. They pulled it off! It was AMAZING! Andrew was completely gobsmacked. He watched in awe as the performance took place – all the while with his eyes on Bonnie. I loved capturing these moments for this lovely couple.

What a day. I hope you enjoy their story as much as I did photographing it.


Elise x


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