Family Photography Workshop – Behind the Scenes – Noosa & Macedon

Wow what a crazy couple of months it has been! I’ve been lucky enough to teach two family photography workshops in that time and met some amazing attendees at both.

First up was the workshop held in the Noosa Hinterland, here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland and what an amazing location it was to shoot in!!  I taught the attendees how to see the light that is available and to use it in the best way you can. I love Lifestyle Photography and making the the most of your surroundings, creating ‘moments’and connections between subjects is a huge passion of mine. Simple changes to posing can completely change the feel of an image and the energy between the subjects being photographed. Deb and her beautiful baby Allegra- 3 months joined us and we loved photographed them and their connection.

Next we had Sarah and her beautiful family join us for the outdoor element of the workshop. We focused again on using the light that was available to us- in this instance what to do when it’s overcast. Posing is  a very important part of family photography and we focused on making the family looked relaxed and natural without looking awkward or cheesy.

Day 2 we focused on Business Bootcamp. I love shooting but I really love teaching how to make your photography business successful.  This may have started as a hobby and it will stay that way unless you actually make money from it. We also looked into post production and edited some of the images taken the day before.

Here are some behind the scenes images from the Noosa Photography Workshop with both behind the scenes images and edited final pics.

Thanks to my friends Shelley Skele and Shannon Harth for assisting me during this workshops and taking these photos.

workshop-wrapup-1 workshop-wrapup-2 workshop-wrapup-3 workshop-wrapup-4 workshop-wrapup-5 workshop-wrapup-7 workshop-wrapup-11workshop-wrapup-12 workshop-wrapup-13 workshop-wrapup-15 workshop-wrapup-17 workshop-wrapup-18 workshop-wrapup-19 workshop-wrapup-20 workshop-wrapup-21 workshop-wrapup-22 workshop-wrapup-23 workshop-wrapup-29 workshop-wrapup-31 workshop-wrapup-32 workshop-wrapup-33 workshop-wrapup-34 workshop-wrapup-35 workshop-wrapup-38 workshop-wrapup-39 workshop-wrapup-40 workshop-wrapup-41 workshop-wrapup-43

Next we had the Macedon, Victoria workshops and we also had a blast down there. It was cold but we survived. LOL.

First we meet baby Cooper for our Indoor Lifestyle component of the workshop followed by and outdoor session with Bryony and her beautiful family. The sun was shining so I taught attendees how I use the sun to enhance the beautiful colours surrounding us in nature. The weather was stunning and the blue skies were welcomed. Another great workshop and another bunch of great photographers learning heaps and making new friends.


workshop-wrapup-44 workshop-wrapup-45 workshop-wrapup-46 workshop-wrapup-47 workshop-wrapup-48 workshop-wrapup-49 workshop-wrapup-50 workshop-wrapup-52 workshop-wrapup-53 workshop-wrapup-54 workshop-wrapup-55 workshop-wrapup-56 workshop-wrapup-57

There’s so much coming for 2017! I’m thrilled to announce that I will be holding more Finding the Light family photography workshops and will be releasing those dates soon so keep an eye out on my facebook page for those details.

I’m also very very excited to announce that I will be working alongside my friend and collegue Luisa Dunn Photography as we teach workshops across the UK & USA in May 2017. So so excited! Check our facebook pages and website for details

Lots happening.


Elise x

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